Best Replica Seiko Presage Automatic Chronograph SRQ019 & SRQ021 Limited Edition Watches Hands-On

Seiko has been on a real kick celebrating their own history over the last few years. Perhaps I’m just starting to notice it, but they seem to be taking playbook cues from the Swiss a bit too enthusiastically. Our beloved Seiko should never forget that so many watch lovers enjoy the brand and their many good products often very specifically because they aren’t European. My complaining aside, all this has thus far been good news for consumers because it means a lot of cool watches like these limited edition Seiko Presage Automatic Chronograph reference SRQ019 and SRQ021 watches that honor very (very) early Seiko timepieces.


I like these watches quite a bit, but I want to take a moment and discuss that above situation as we see it. Over the last few years, Seiko has been releasing more and more of their high-end watches to an adoring public around the world that has been more than happy to have more access to Grand Seiko and other higher-end, $1,000-plus Seiko watches previously sold only in Japan. In just a few years, luxury fake Seiko watches online has quickly developed much more distribution as well as products for “watch collectors.” I more or less define these consumers as people who want nicely made watches for purposes a bit more than mere functionality or basic style.


High-end and limited edition Seiko watches continue, nevertheless, to represent only a small percentage of their overall production, but in watch enthusiast circles (and watch trade shows) it is the high-end models that get all the noise (mostly because it is what we watch writers like to cover). In the process of making more of their high-end watches available, Seiko has been understandably pushed to create new models, and lots of them, to satisfy the larger distribution of their high-end timepiece products. cheap replica Seiko watches white dail, as a Japanese watch maker, can scale production like the best of them, and continue to offer rock-solid quality and consistency. With that said, from a “why does this product exist” perspective, in my opinion, they are looking to celebrate a few too many anniversaries and historical occasions in a way that I feel may tire out collectors sooner rather than later. Again, it isn’t an issue with the products – because so many of them are cool – but I feel that they need to be careful of “crying wolf” when it comes to the “reason for the season,” or else collectors might take the brand’s communication efforts progressively less seriously as time goes by. Just some helpful feedback to a brand we clearly love.


As I mentioned above, the result at this time of offering generous servings of new limited editions is a great plethora of interesting watches coming out all the time. One of the (many) limited edition watches for 2016 in honor of the 60th anniversary of Seiko’s first automatic mechanical watch in 1956 are these two chronograph models with dials inspired by a Seiko watch from 1913, all under the Seiko Presage family of products that, starting in 2016, will finally “officially” see its way out of Japan to global Seiko markets.

Seiko Presage includes a rather impressive range of more classically inspired watch designs. Aside from these chronograph models is the also new Presage Multi-hand Automatic SPB041 which has a power reserve indicator and is pretty neat. For now, let’s look at the two enamel-dialed SRQ019 and SRQ021 watches.


As the dial color of each is different, so are the techniques used to produce the dials themselves. With that said, which one you choose is a matter of taste since the prices are the same. In 1913, Seiko came out with its first collection of watches that used the “Laurel” brand name. I’ve seen a few of these at Seiko and they are really cool – especially given that they are over 100 years old. The original Laurel dials were white with a red 12 o’clock indicator that is emulated in the Seiko Presage SRQ019.


That white dial is actually enamel, which means it is oven-baked. You can see the interesting contours of the dial which are common of the enamel look, and these contours do not really exist on the black-dialed version. This white enamel Seiko Presage SRQ019 model is perhaps the most “historically significant” of the two, even though Seiko decided to include a chronograph complication to the theme. It’s a lovely-looking watch and one of the benefits of enamel is that the color remains true for a very, very long time. Seiko points out that they have assigned the production and oversight of the fake Seiko Presage enamel dials to the skilled enamel craftsman Mr. Mitsuru Yokozawa.


The other of the two limited edition models is the Seiko Presage SRQ021. The dial looks black but is actually a deep reddish purple that you’ll recognize as traditional Japanese urushi lacquering. This is a different technique than enamel baking, and of course, more culturally Japanese (which is fitting for a pretty nice Japanese watch). These dials are produced for Seiko by master craftsman Mr. Issu Tamura in the city of Kanazawa. They point out that each dial is painted and polished by hand a few times. Seiko has offered a series of urushi dials over the years, most of them being modern in style. This is one of the few “traditional-looking” urushi-dial Seiko watches which I think will make it a winner for many people.


I happen to like this dark urushi face a lot because of how nicely the solid white hands and Arabic numeral hour markers visually pop from the dial, resulting in a great look and excellent legibility. Also, the white enamel-dial Seiko unfortunately uses coated blue hands as opposed to flame-blued hands. The latter forms an actual blue color on the base metal where the former, which Seiko uses, essentially paints the underlying hand blue. This doesn’t offer as crisp a look, and when looking very closely at the hands, you see the bleed of the underlying hand color in the edges were the paint material is thinner. The urushi dial uses white hands which, in my opinion, make for a better quality look.

The replica Seiko Presage Automatic Chronograph watches limited edition watches come in polished steel cases that are 42mm wide and 15.2mm thick. A bit on the large side for a dressy watch, but they are worth it, and of course, they are automatic chronographs… The case is water-resistant to 100 meters and is topped with a domed sapphire crystal. You can see the movement through a sapphire exhibition caseback window.


Inside the watches is the in-house-made Seiko caliber 8R48 movement. A very popular high-mid-range automatic chronograph movement, it operates at 4Hz (28,800bph) with a power reserve of 45 hours. Chronograph complication enthusiasts will enjoy that the chronograph is both column-wheel-based and has a vertical clutch transmission system (tends to make operating the chronograph more precise). These all add thickness to the movement which is why the case is a bit over 15mm thick. The movements offer the time, date, and 12-hour chronograph.

Cheap Replica Seiko Marinemaster 300M SLA015 Limited Edition Watch For Europe Only

Well, we say “Europe only,” but all 200 pieces actually are exclusive to Seiko retailers in Germany: enter the new fake Seiko Marinemaster 300M SLA015 Limited Edition, Seiko’s latest addition to its famed Marinemaster line, now with an interesting new dial.

If you like Japanese watches and have ever been to Japan then, for one, you are one lucky son of a gun and, second, you have surely seen all those fantastic, so-called “JDM” (Japanese Domestic Market) watches that many of the country’s top brands produce and sell only at home, and never export to watch fans elsewhere in the world. Third, may we suggest two great reads: Ariel’s experiences Buying Used & Vintage Watches In Tokyo, Japan; and Jack Wagner’s words on Understanding Japan’s Used Luxury Timepiece Market.


Every once in a while, though, Japanese brands will graciously release some more rare (and, more often than not, more interesting) limited editions exclusively for other markets around the world. With the Seiko Marinemaster 300M SLA015, we are looking at one of the latter, although, as noted previously, it will only be sold through Seiko retailers in Germany.

Based on the Seiko Marinemaster 300M, the SLA015 comes in a 44-millimeter-wide and 15mm-thick stainless steel case with, you guessed it, a 300-meter water resistance rating, Hardlex crystal, screw-down crown, and a unidirectional diver’s bezel. Inside the monocoque-construction case is the exact replica watches Seiko 8L35 caliber, with automatic winding, hacking seconds, 192 parts and 26 jewels, all with an autonomy of up to 50 hours.


Nothing to write home about, just yet, but what really sets the Seiko Marinemaster 300M SLA015 apart from all the other – no less lust-worthy – Marinemaster 300M watches is its very bright blue dial. With Seiko’s eye-wateringly bright LumiBrite lumed hands and indices floating above it, this wave-patterned dial is a rare one not just for Seiko, but for most high-end watches in general. It’ll surely stand out, and thanks to the Seiko Marinemaster 300M SLA015’s limited availability, it may just turn out to be an important piece among Seiko fans.


The luxury replica Seiko watches gold plated, lume-filled hands make for an interesting contrast against this unusual, vivid blue – as is usually the case with high-end watches, though, you may want to take a look at the watch in the metal to determine whether you like how the dial changes its colors in different lighting situations. Even as powerful a color as this blue may appear different depending on the type of light and how it hits it. Anyhow, if you have been on the lookout for a Seiko diver of the more robust and better-equipped kind, but don’t want to rock what everyone else is rocking, the Seiko Marinemaster 300M SLA015 may just be the perfect option to stand out from the crowd a bit.


Price for the Seiko Marinemaster 300M SLA015 is €2,300, and it will be available in 200 pieces only. Included in the package is a “special box” as well as a strap changing tool and an additional rubber strap – in case, for whatever reason, you’d want to take the awesome replica watches Seiko bracelet off the SLA015.

Testing The Fake Oris Watches Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter In The Rocky Mountains

The summit of Deer Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, tops out at 10,013 feet, reached after a moderately challenging hike up a boulder-strewn switchback trail. The vistas are the reward for your efforts, with the view west to the “Diamond” face of Longs Peak and the Mummy Range to the north. I took a well-deserved break here to eat the nuts and fruit I hauled in my pack, watching the midday storm clouds boil over the top of the far peaks and tumble down the valley, a reminder not to linger here for fear of lightning. Before turning to start my descent, I checked both of my wrists. On one, a Suunto Vector, a multifunction “ABC” watch (Altimeter/Barometer/Compass), a venerable companion of mountaineers since the 1990s. On my other wrist was the world’s first self-winding mechanical watch with an altimeter – the replica Oris Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter watches.


Oris includes the Altimeter in its “ProPilot” collection and its aesthetics are pure aviator’s watch, from the tactical fabric strap and radially-knurled bezel to its seatbelt buckle-style folding clasp. But the reality is, if a pilot is relying on the tiny scale on his wristwatch to determine his altitude, he’s likely in a fair bit of trouble. Besides, the altimeter in the watch only goes up to 15,000 feet, whereas most commercial and military jets routinely fly twice that high (and commercial cabins and cockpits are pressurized to about 6,000 feet). So while this may be a pilot’s watch primarily in style only, where it does shine is as a useful and fun tool for hiking in the mountains. I recently took one along to test on a four-day trip to the Rocky Mountains.


The Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter is a big watch – 47 mm across and 17 mm thick – but this is by necessity. Inside the steel case are stacked an automatic movement (the Sellita-based replica Oris watches caliber 733) and a mechanical altimeter module. For the altimeter, Oris turned to Swiss instrumentation company Thommen, which also makes them for aircraft. It is an aneroid capsule altimeter, which consists of a sealed alloy disc that is highly sensitive to changes in air pressure. As the capsule expands or compresses from the minute differences that come with altitude change, it moves a lever that drives a needle on the calibrated scale at the outer edge of the watch dial. Fitting all of this beneath the movement and dial of a wristwatch was a remarkable feat, made possible in part by a very thin altimeter needle made from laminated carbon fiber that swivels in a bowl beneath the suspended watch movement.

As with any altimeter, electronic or mechanical, the Oris needs to be calibrated regularly since air pressure changes with weather as well as altitude, which can produce false readings. To do this, the crown at 4:00 is unscrewed and pulled out and then the altimeter needle set against a known altitude or barometric pressure. In the mountains, I always set it (and the Suunto) at the trailhead of each hike, where elevation was listed on a sign or map. For the altimeter to work, the lower crown must remain unscrewed to allow air to penetrate the watch case. A red band around the stem indicates that it is unscrewed and thus vulnerable to water intrusion. Oris has fitted the lower orifice of the watch with a Gore-Tex type membrane that keeps water vapor and humidity out of the case while the crown is unscrewed. But should a hike involve fording a stream or a steady downpour, it is advised to screw in the crown, which then gives the watch a healthy 100 meters of water resistance.


Despite its heft, this Oris was comfortable on the wrist as long as it’s worn snug enough to keep the top-heavy case from moving around too much. The strap can be adjusted in the clasp to any position easily, even on the go, allowing for quick tweaks as your wrist swells or shrinks, but I did find that the leather lining can get clammy on a hot multi-hour hike. A NATO strap might be a better choice, but I’m not sure it could support the weight of the watch as well.

Aesthetically, this Oris is a looker, and not only because of its massive size. The replica Oris watches aviation-inspired dial, with its white on black markers and hands, is legible at a glance. The altimeter scale lends the sort of masculine geek chic that has made “busy” watches like the Breitling Navitimer so popular all these years. And really, who doesn’t like wearing a watch that has etched in red on one of its crowns, “ALT SET”? This feels less like a mere watch with illusions of fitting under a shirt sleeve, and more like an instrument. It felt right at home on the trail with a Gore-tex jacket and muddy hiking boots.


Over four days of hiking, many miles, and thousands of feet of elevation gain and loss, the Oris was remarkably accurate. I compared it to the Suunto on numerous occasions and against known altitude references such as trail markers or topographical maps. At some locations, it actually proved more accurate than the Suunto, whose altitude would “drift” by up to 40 or 50 feet within the span of one round-trip hike. That said, the Oris was slower to respond to changes in altitude, especially on descents, where elevation is lost more quickly than it is gained on a climb. Also, it is perhaps not a fair comparison to the Suunto, whose sensitivity is in 10 foot increments, whereas the scale on the Oris Altimeter is in 100-foot increments. So at the top of Deer Mountain for example, the yellow needle on the Oris read “10,000” whereas the Suunto said, “10,020.”

Of course, the Oris Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter is not meant to be used as an aviation instrument nor as a precise measurement tool for mapping new mountain ranges. But it is accurate enough to be a useful tool, in combination with a topo map, for hiking in the mountains. With a 15,000-foot limit, the high peaks of the Andes or Himalayas are beyond its reach, but it is perfect for the Rockies or the Alps, unless you plan to tackle Mont Blanc, in which case I suggest the Suunto.


There aren’t a lot of choices in the narrow field of mechanical altimeter watches. A few years ago, Breva released its hand-wound titanium Génie 02 Air, the first altimeter-equipped mechanical watch. But with a limited run of 55 timepieces and a cost of well over $100,000, it is out of reach of most weekend peak-baggers. So the Cheap Fake Oris Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter is an intriguing alternative. The watch is further proof that Oris has, in recent years, found the formula for providing innovative, high quality and, at $3,800, accessible watches that are extremely satisfying to wear. And though there may be cheaper ways to get high in Colorado these days, the Oris is one you can take home with you.

Cheap Replica MCT Frequential One F-110

MCT will debut their latest timepiece, the Frequential One F-110, next week at Baselworld.

The timepiece is most similar to the company’s Sequential S100 and S110 collections, except the case is now smaller at 42 mm by 42 mm, and instead of rotating hour numerals, a more traditional set of hands indicate the hours and minutes. In addition, there is a linear power reserve indicator, Fake MCT Watches Distinguished By A Red Hand, at 12 o’clock.


Most importantly, the visual focus is now on the centrally located free sprung balance wheel, balance spring and escapement which are supported by a quad-bridge configuration, offering a full view of the oscillations, which happen 18,000 times per hour (or 2.5Hz).


The Frequential One F-110 is powered by caliber Replica MCT-F1.0 Watches which consists of 279 components, 33 jewels double mainspring barrels and hand chamfered bridges with “Côtes de Genève finishing. The main plate features circular graining on the movement side, and Côtes de Genève finishing on the dial side. Both the bridges and the manipulate feature a black rhodium treatment.

Replica MCT Watches For Sale

The MCT Case Is In Grade 5 Titanium with a DLC treatment. Water-resistance is 30 meters and it is presented on a black alligator strap. Price is expected to be half of the Sequential S110, at approximately $45K.

Cheap Replica Vacheron Constantin – The world is yours!

An in-house calibre, 37 time zones and Hallmark of Geneva certification… the new Overseas World Time displays the hour at a glance for the global traveller. A watch that is ready to take on the world.

After presenting the new version of its iconic Overseas collection at the SIHH 2016, Fake Vacheron Constantin Watches launches the Overseas world time.

Fake Vacheron Constantin Overseas Heures du Monde

Three interpretations – with a blue, silver-toned or brown dial – created in a spirit of casual elegance and practical convenience are more than ever dedicated to travellers wishing to keep track of the time around the world at a single glance.

The dial of the Overseas world time displays no less than 37 time zones, including those that are off-set by a half-hour or quarter-hour in relation to UTC time.

The display comprises three parts. The centre features a “Lambert” projection map depicting the continents (enhanced by a sunburst satin-brushed finish) and the oceans (in a velvet finish), along with a translucent lacquered disc bearing the city names. A third sapphire disc laid over the map provides day/night indications by means of subtly graded smoky tints, synchronised with the 24-hour disc. Finally, a translucent lacquered velvet-finished outer ring serves to indicate the hours and minutes.

An ideal travel companion, the Overseas world time model features a 43.5 mm-diameter case housing Caliber 2460 WT. This self-winding movement patented, developed and crafted by Replica Vacheron Constantin Watches For Sale operates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and enjoys a 40-hour power reserve. Vacheron Constantin Replica 22K Gold Oscillating Watches weight bears a wind rose – a universal symbol indicating the cardinal points for travellers – adorned with sandblasted, polished and finely grained finishing. All the indications powered by this mechanism are smoothly and easily adjusted via the crown.

Vacheron Contantin Overseas Heures du Monde © Cheap-replica watches

The comfort and flexibility of this new model bearing the Hallmark of Geneva extend right the way through to its bracelet featuring an easy-fit system. In addition, an ingenious interchangeable solution for these bracelets and their folding clasp means they can be switched and secured without any tools, while guaranteeing the same firm hold as on any traditional fixed bracelet.

Cheap Replica Watches MCT Sequential Two S210

Ahead of Baselworld, Cheap Replica Watches MCT has previewed the new version of the Sequential Two, called the S210. We previously covered the Sequential Two S200 here which has the same basic configuration as the S200, but with a new movement, a slightly redesigned dial, and larger 46.4 mm x 15.4 mm case (44.6 mm x 14.5 mm on the original model).


What has stayed the same is Fake Watches MCT’s distinctive display which consists of four modules that represent the hours and central minutes. Basically, there are three numbers in each quadrant of the dial, each composed of five prisms. As the minute hand rotates the dial in a clockwise direction, each new hour is shown in the next quadrant, which changes in a counter-clockwise direction, while the semi-circle central ring moves to coincide with the current hour that is shown in the opening.


Like is predecessor, the automatic movement beats at 2.5Hz, with a 40-hour power reserve, however, there are now 654 components including 89 jewels, whereas the original model has 507 components including 85 jewels.Cheap Replica Watches MCT Sequential Two S210

Replica Watches Patek Philippe Debuts New Horology Learning Program In New York

The art of watchmaking has historically been a distinctly European pursuit. Many young artisans across the continent see watchmaking as a viable vocation to study. Sadly, the same does not hold true for students in America, where technical knowledge and expertise of luxury watchmaking is a much rarer skill set.


Thankfully, Replica Watches Patek Philippe is working to bridge the gap between continents with the debut of the Fake Watches Patek Philippe Horology Programme of New York. Only the second such program of its kind outside of Patek’s Geneva workshop, the horology programme hopes to teach young American watchmakers how to build, service and repair Patek Philippe watches in the heart of NYC, one of the largest luxury markets in the world.


Cheap Replica Patek Philippe Watches hopes to train a new generation of American watchmakers to respond to the increasing number of Patek clients in need of expert servicing.

Currently, at the watch service center at the Henri Stern Watch Agency — A Fake Watches Patek Philippe subsidiary — around 10,000 watches are repaired each year by only 19 watchmakers. With an increasing number of American consumers purchasing luxury timepieces, new watchmakers are sorely needed for current and future repairs.


“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to develop trained watchmakers here in the US,” said Larry Pettinelli, President of HSWA. “It addresses the fundamental difficulty the entire watchmaking industry has finding highly trained, qualified technicians to preserve complex mechanical timepieces.”

Replica Watches Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Watches

The perpetual calendar timepieces, as well as annual calendars, are a specialty of watchmaking legend Cheap Fake Watches Patek Philippe. This stunning masterpiece, Ref, 5496P, is a mechanical self-winding watch housing the caliber 324S QR with retrograde perpetual calendar. It is meticulously built in alluring platinum to offer retrograde date hand in an elegant arch around the dial. It also displays the day of week, the month, moonphases and leap year indicator in harmoniously.

Somehow the eye is just drawn to this watch, with its satined silvery dial and gold applied hour hands, and wearing Cheap Fake Watches Patek Philippe is sort of like a dream. Water resistant to 30 meters, the 39.5mm case is crafted in platinum and the watch features a sapphire caseback for viewing the exquisite movement. This great complicated watch can be had for about $115,700.Replica Watches Patek Philippe For Sale.

Grandmaster Chime Redux – Fake Watches Patek Philippe Brings Back its Most Complicated Watch

The wristwatch with a 1366-part movement first made for Replica Wtaches Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary makes a surprise comeback as part of the regular collection. Read on for details, including the official retail price.


First unveiled in 2014 at Cheap Fake Watches Patek Philippe‘s 175th anniversary celebrations, the Grandmaster Chime was then announced as a six piece limited edition with a heavily engraved case. The most complicated Replica Patek Philippe Watches For Sale Online wristwatch ever, and also its first wristwatch with a grande and petite sonnerie, the Grandmaster Chime is now, unexpectedly, back in the collection.

The new Grandmaster Chime ref. 6300G has the exact same movement as the six piece limited edition, but sans the fancy case decoration – and it is part of the regular collection. Or as regular as a US$2.25 million watch can be.


While the key complication in the Grandmaster Chime is the grande and petite sonnerie, which strikes the time automatically as it passes like a grandfather clock, it include a slew of other complications. Those include an alarm, date repeater that chimes out the date, second time zone, and an instantaneous perpetual calendar.


Because the calibre GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM has 20 complications in total – too numerous for one dial – the Grandmaster Chime requires a reversible case so that the displays on both faces can be visible on the wrist. That’s the same 47.4 mm case as  Replica Watches Patek Philippe 175th anniversary edition, except now in white gold with a clous de Paris, or hobnail, engraving.


While the six owners of the 175th anniversary Grandmaster Chime might be miffed at this abasing of the limited edition, the new ref. 6300 does keep the 1366-part movement “alive” as Best Sale Fake Patek Philippe Watches notes, instead of relegating it to a mere six examples.

The price of this lively watch is SFr2.2 million, equivalent to US$2.25 million.

Cheap Fake Watches Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Ref. 5524

——With its new Ref. 5524 Calatrava Pilot Travel Time, Patek Philippe pays tribute to the courageous pioneers of aeronautics, recalls milestones in aviation, and touches upon the fact that the eminent family-owned Genevan manufacture also contributed to the conquest of the skies.

Only 24 years elapsed between the Wright brothers’ first powered flight on December 17, 1903, and Charles Lindbergh’s first Atlantic crossing with his single-engine “Spirit of St. Louis” in 1927. What a short time span for such an epoch-making evolution! A similar transformation occurred in horology within two decades as timepieces migrated from the vest pocket to the wrist. And there’s another common denominator between the bold men in their flying machines and watchmakers. As was the case aboard ships on the high seas starting in the 18th century, aviators also relied on timekeeping instruments for navigation. Philip van Horn Weems, an officer of the U.S. Marines, came up with the idea for an hour angle watch which, enhanced according to suggestions by Charles Lindbergh, would allow simpler, faster, and more precise positioning when used together with a sextant and a radio signal. Two particularly noteworthy exemplars of such hour-angle – or siderometer – wristwatches were developed by Cheap Replica Watches Patek Philippe and are now both on display at the Patek Philippe Museum.


Patek Philippe’s Ref. 5524 Calatrava Pilot Travel Time is a decidedly masculine watch that aptly symbolizes the conquest of the skies by aircraft and the conquest of the wrist by wristwatches. Rather than being a nostalgic reminiscence of the hour-angle watch that became obsolete with the advent of GPS navigation, it is a precise and dependable timekeeping instrument with a time-zone function that is especially useful in air travel. The local times in Paris and London differ by one hour, those in New York and Beijing by thirteen. We fly “into” time when eastbound and “away” from it when westbound. A few hundred kilometers later, we end up in a different time zone than the one we left, typically the one in which our permanent place of residence is located. Home time refers to that place, whereas local time is where we are. For nearly eighty years, Best Sale Fake Watches Patek Philippe For Sale time-zone watches have adhered to this principle in a unique way. In the 1930s, together with gifted watchmaker Louis Cottier, the manufacture developed its first “Heure Universelle” (World Time) wristwatches. The first patent for the meanwhile legendary Travel Time mechanism was granted to Cheap Replica Patek Philippe Watches in 1959. It was extremely simple to operate and simultaneously displayed the time in two different time zones. It was a very welcome instrument in a world where nonstop travel between Europe and America in a matter of hours had become commonplace thanks to modern passenger jets.


In keeping with “Tradition and Innovation”, the philosophy of the manufacture which just turned 175, Patek Philippe refined the two-time-zone mechanism – it was awarded a further patent in 1996 – to a new level of perfection. When the local-time hour hand is moved forward or backward in one-hour increments with the two pushers in the case, an isolator uncouples the time-zone mechanism from the going train. This prevents the degradation of the amplitude of the balance and allows it to continue oscillating at a regular rate. The advantage: the watch continues to run with the accustomed accuracy. In the new Ref. 5524 Calatrava Pilot Travel Time, this advanced mechanism is part of the self-winding caliber 324 S C FUS manufacture movement with a sweep seconds hand, an analog date, and a heavy central rotor in 21K gold. Like the time-zone mechanism, this legendary movement is superbly finished and thanks to ongoing innovation reflects the state of the art in mechanical watchmaking. The Spiromax® spring that breathes in the Gyromax® balance is made of Silinvar®, a derivative of silicon. The special properties of this material, combined with the geometry patented by Best Fake Watches Patek Philippe For Sale Online, assure high dependability as well as the rate accuracy tolerance of -3/+2 seconds per day as specified by the Patek Philippe Seal. The sapphire-crystal display back reveals beautiful details such as the chamfered bridges with Geneva striping, the circular-grained gold rotor with perlage in the center, snailed flanks, and a Calatrava cross. It features magnificent contrasts with bright shimmering metal, gold-filled engravings, and sparkling red bearing jewels. Elegance in technology The elaborate 294-part movement ticks beneath a dial that unlike conventional aviators’ watches is not black but instead stands out with a noble dark navy blue lacquer that resembles the body paint of American fighter planes in the 1930s. Thanks to large applied Arabic numerals in white gold and broad baton-style steel hands with Superluminova coatings, the local time is easily and clearly legible, both during the day and at night. In the typical Travel Time style, the home-time hour hand is skeletonized and remains discreetly in the background. It is hidden beneath the prominent local-time hour hand as long as local and home time are identical. A separate day/night indicator is assigned to both time zones (at 9 o’clock for local time and at 3 o’clock for home time). The analog date at 6 o’clock is totally new: it displays the date in 3-day increments. Because the scale is not cluttered with numerals, it is eminently legible. The sleek classic face of the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time is framed by a large-format 42-millimeter white-gold Calatrava-style case. Its bezel is flat and slightly inclined; the caseband merges elegantly with the lugs that secure the strap bars. The crown and the two time-zone pushers at 8 (+1h) and 10 o’clock (-1h) are fluted for a slip-free grip and add a technical look that suits the design of a precise measuring instrument. Additionally, the time-zone pushers are equipped with a patent-pending safety lock that prevents unintended adjustments of the local time setting. Before they can be operated, the pushers must be released with a quarter turn and then locked again with a twist in the opposite direction. The strap that perfectly matches the style of the watch is also designed for safety. It is crafted from vintage brown calfskin with contrast topstitching and recalls the leather belts that belonged to a classic pilot’s gear. The white-gold clevis prong buckle follows the theme. It was inspired by the harnesses worn by pilots to keep their survival kits and parachutes readily deployable without hampering their freedom of movement.


The Ref. 5524 Calatrava Pilot Travel Time enriches Replica Watches Patek Philippe’s venerable Calatrava collection with a large-format, decidedly masculine model that evokes images of the classic aviators’ timepiece. In salient details, however, such as the blue dial, the white-gold case, and the time-zone function, it stands in a category of its own. It doesn’t compromise between straightforward technology and contemporary elegance but instead melds both facets in perfect harmony.