Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

Satisfying You In All Aspects In Nails

Pigmentos decoración

The world is the hues, the realize how to separate every one of the tones depict them without an issue and prompt you as well as it can be expected.

The World Full of Novelties

The company is the makers of the best semi-changeless lacquers Semilac and have made the brand to fulfill you in all parts of the universe of nail trim and nails itself. Give yourself a chance to be roused by Semilac that have a physical store in Barcelona from which send the item to all of Spain. The Semilac brand has a place with the organization Nesperta sp. z oo which is One of the most dominant organizations in the Polish market.

What are the Benefits and Its Terms? 

Here are the benefits of Semilac:

  • Free shipping from € 59
  • Description and information about each product
  • Changes and returns up to 15 days
  • Contact with store staff
  • Access to news

The customer agrees to make the corresponding payments according to the payment method chosen as soon as the order has been made. The client has 15 days to roll out an improvement in your request once you get the bundle. Clients who physically go to the store in Barcelona don’t have the ability to return or change as should be obvious the item. Electronic gadgets are ensured for a long time from the date of procurement. It is fundamental to demonstrate the buy ticket or receipt. On account of deficient items, Semilac attempts to plan an accumulation paying their costs. If there should be an occurrence of progress or return for joy or oversight of the client is he who pays the transportation costs. In the event that the mix-up was made by the Semilac group – the company will pay the delivery costs.

Pigmentos decoración

How Solid are the Bases for Semi-lasting Enameling? 

Semilac Base is the universal base for semi-permanent enameling that guarantees durability up to 21 days. The Nutrient Base is enhanced with nutrients E and B5. They secure the nail and keep it solid with which the enameling may not be as strong. It relies upon the attachment of each plate. Nutrient Base is advanced with nutrients E and B5. They ensure the nail and keep it solid with which the enameling may not be as strong. It relies upon the attachment of each plate. It is recommended that you choose the base Pigmentos decoración with the properties that best suit you.

  • Semilac base – for the greatest durability.
  • Semilac Vitamin Base – for greater protection of the plate.
  • Semilac Basę / Top 2 in 1 – for a fix if you are traveling.